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ABC Regional Hispanic Ministries

One of our local ministries is with ABC Regional Hispanic Ministries. Pastor Tony Hancock Visit his

ABC in focus - August 2017

          The waterslide was the big attraction, but that wasn’t the best thing that happened that day.  It was the day of our first Backyard Bible Club of the summer, and nearly fifty children and adults had gathered in a large yard in Kline.  We promised the kids an afternoon on the waterslide, but first we shared with them the story of Jesus walking on the water – and how he can calm the storms in our lives as well.  Then we talked about Saul’s conversion and invited those who wanted to recognize Jesus as their Lord, just as Saul did.  Everyone stood! 

           For some of them it was a recommitment; for others, another step on their journey.  We know that the seeds sown in the lives of these children will bear fruit far into the future, especially as most of them do not regularly attend church.  Will you join me in praying for eternal fruit from this event?  Lord willing, we will be holding a second Backyard Bible Club shortly after you read this.  Will you join me in praying for the Lord to draw many hearts to himself? 

            As always, thank you for your prayers and support of ABC Regional Hispanic Ministries.

 ABC Regional Hispanic Ministries
c/o Allendale-Hampton Association
P.O. Box 530
Brunson, SC  29911

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About us:

           ABC Regional Hispanic Ministries is focused on taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to Hispanics outside the walls of the church. From its beginnings in 1992 as an outreach to transient farm workers, ABC has proclaimed the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Hispanics of Allendale, Hampton, Barnwell, Bamberg and Colleton Counties in South Carolina.

           Our Purpose: to reach and win the Spanish language/culture people to Jesus Christ, to provide them with discipleship development, and to provide a Christian ministry to the permanent, seasonal, and transient Spanish language/culture people of Allendale-Hampton, Barnwell-Bamberg, and Colleton Associations in cooperation with local Southern Baptist churches.

           Our Mission: to establish on-mission Hispanic churches which will reach out to the Hispanic population (transient and permanent) of the ABC area, and to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission among the transient population.
ABC  Regional Hispanic Ministries:
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